Find a Mediator

How to find a suitable Business Mediator

If all parties agree to Mediation and our assesses the case is suitable, we can manage for you to get in touch with a highly experienced mediator. Our cooperation has the goal to help you gain quick access to Mediation by referring you to the most appropriate Mediation centre! We are able to fall back on a large pool of highly qualified mediators. If you are looking for a mediator with a certain background, we will help you to find him or her. If you would like to obtain further information about our mediators, select a country or contact our clearing house.

To make a referral our staff will ask for your contact data and information about the dispute. When it comes to a cross-border dispute, information about the cultural occurrence and the different legal situation of the disputants might help to find you the most appropriate mediator for your Mediation. All gathered information will be treated strictly confidential!