Mediation is quick, confidential, fair, and cost effective. It has a very clear structure, which will be explained to the participants. The parties understand the whole process, all questions are answered as soon as they arise. In contrast to litigation, legal formalities are not crucial to the result. And, if your dispute is with someone that you want to deal with in the future, mediation will help to preserve your business relationship.

Other advantages of mediation are that you can avoid the delay of projects (which can be caused by years of litigation). It also offers many possibilities for resolving disputes, which cannot be ordered by the court. Mediation gives the parties control over the resolution of the case, which is why the solutions are more creative and suitable to the case than a legal judgment.

The Mediation process is flexible and can manage to include new fields of the dispute, which (legally) have nothing in common with the original case. If through Mediation a final agreement cannot be reached, you can still go to court (during the Mediation process limitation period is usually tolled). And last but not least, the solutions found are more likely to be sustainable, because the resolution was developed by the parties themselves and thus is responsive to their needs.