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Legal information

Legal information

The trend towards globalisation of trade led to an increase of cross-border disputes in the B2B sector. One challenge caused by globalisation and faced by the European Union is to secure good access to justice for businesses dealing with cross-border disputes. That objective, as part of the policy of the European Union to establish an area of freedom, security and justice, includes securing access to dispute resolution methods such as Mediation.

To fulfill its duties, the European institution adopted a Directive on certain aspects of Mediation in 2008 (Directive 2008/52/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on May 21st 2008 on certain aspects of Mediation in civil and commercial matters, OJ L136/3, 24 March 2008). Member States shall implement the Mediation Directive before May 21st 2011.

The different EU countries implemented the Mediation Directive in different ways. Thus, no homogeneous laws or rules throughout Europe exist. In order to get detailed information select a country.

Another instrument is the European code of conducts for mediators, which has been developed by a group of stakeholders with the assistance of the European Commission and was launched in 2004. This code defines a framework of principles to which individual mediators may voluntary decide to commit themselves.

Project Partners

  • Eurochambres, Brussels, Belgium (Project coordinator)
  • Brussels Enterprises, Commerce and Industry Belgium
  • Croatian Chamber of Economy
  • Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Economy
  • Centre for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris, France
  • Handelskammer Hamburg Service GmbH, Germany
  • The Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture
  • Open University of Italian Chambers of Commerce
  • Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Romania
  • Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation, Spain