The Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry , Romania, was established by the Royal Decree in October 1864.

The Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Romania, is an autonomous, non-governmental, public, apolitical, non-profit, legal entity, created to represent, defend and support the interests of its members and the local business community as a whole.

The Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a member of The National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and is part of the Romanian Chambers of Commerce System.

The activity of the Chamber’s Mediation Center is organized and conducted at the Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry headquarters by providing an alternative way for an amicable settlement of disputes arising in business relationships, domestic or international, as well as in civil and commercial disputes through mediation procedure, in compliance with the Directive (IP/08/628) on mediation in civil and commercial law, adopted by the European Parliament in 2008.

The Law No. 192 on mediation and the organization of the profession of mediators was passed in 16 May 2006 and amended and supplemented from 2006 until 2013. Mediation is applied in all cases where the parties can negotiate the dispute solving subject: any civil dispute; any trade dispute; matters of family law; the field of consumers' protection; conflicts of rights in labor disputes; criminal matters (with some exceptions). The Mediation activity of the Chamber's Mediation Center is done by mediators certified by the National Mediation Council.

Rules on mediation for economic conflicts

The Chamber's Mediation Center has a set of rules based on the Romanian Mediation Law. The parties apply for mediation and select a mediator from the panel of the Chamber’s Mediation Center while full confidentiality is ensured.

According to the regulation regarding the organization and functioning of the Mediation Center of Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Mediation procedure of the Chamber's Mediation Center, there are norms regarding fees and charges for mediation. Fees for mediation include the costs of organization and administration of the Center for Mediation and the fee of the mediator chosen by the parties. There are two types of fees in Mediation: a) fees for initiating the mediation and b) fees for the mediation procedure. The domestic disputes and the cross-border disputes are charged differently, as described in the norms below.

Panel of mediators

The Chamber’s Mediation Center uses the services of officially registered mediators. A list of these mediators is kept at the Mediation Center Mediation and is put at the disposal of parties who submit a mediation request to the Center.

Local contact

Mediation Centre of Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Contact Person
Adina Sardare
Technical Secretariat Coordinator

Bd. Carol l nr. 27
lasi 700507, jud. Iasi

Phone: +40 (0)232 26 80 01
Fax: +40 (0)232 21 45 30

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